Halfway Home Alternative
Therapies, NFP

To Help Those That Can't Help Themselves

We are Halfway Home.                                      

At this point most web sites tell their mission statement.  We believe we have already done that with the statement of our logo at the beginning of this page.

That is basically what we do and plan to do until the job is done.  We have so very many things that we are trying to do.  Just because there are so many things that need done.

We are based in southern central Missouri.  Though there are many programs in place in Missouri.  There are so many things that either no one wants to deal with, are only temporary fixes, or are focused on larger cities.

Like all the people in the southern part of Missouri have plenty to eat, a warm house to live in, never have family problems or are in need of assistance.

       Jane                      Shannon            Deb

Now let me introduce Debra , Jane and Shannon.

Here I will explain how Halfway Home came to be and what they are trying to do.  It started out in Illinois.

 Back in 2004 a couple of women ( Debra and Jane) were sitting around talking about the plight of the horse industry.  Not unusual seeing how both were horse people, and both these women had been fighting against cruelty of horses since they were children.  In their discussion they came up with a plan.  How to save as many horses as possible and have the horses help pay for the feed and medical care of the abused horses.  It was actually very simple.  A riding stable.  Save and rehabilitate horses and put them in the riding stable to rent to the public for a fee so they could save more horses.  Simple...that is until they started.

They had the land and the willingness to work and accomplish their chosen task.  At this point their little plan enters a third lady ( Shannon).  Who was also a horse person, but she was also a dog person.  She had been in the dog rescue business for almost ten years and she wanted to help with the little plan also and a dog rescue was added.

But they found out that there was this little piece of paper they needed called a Tax Exempt 501c3.  This seemed easy enough. They after all were educated women and it was just a tax form right.  Well they were wrong.  Several attempts and failures later they decided they needed someone's help.  They found that help with a local accounting firm called Walks Accounting and Linda Walk rescued them from tax form hell.  With her genius in Nov. of 2005 Halfway Home Alternative Therapies, NFP was born.  They were on their way.

In the time it took to get the tax exempt status.  The three women realized that there were many problems that needed adressed in their community.  More than just an animal rescue.  There were people that needed to be rescued also.

Well the three of them jumped head first into their little project.  Everyone moved close to the land in Neoga.  Gave up their day jobs.  Because they had so much work to do.  There wasn't enough hours in a day and they could get grants to help with salaries right.  They were now tax exempt and eligible for numerous grants.  Besides they could live off their savings and one of them had inherited some land she was selling and more than willing to contribute the monies from the sale to help with the project and help the other two with house expenses until the grants come rolling in.

Well trails were cut and barns and fences were erected.  Horses were rescued from local auctions and farms.  Dogs were surrendered and dumped on on their door step.  Feed was bought and the veterinarian called and animals treated.  Advertisement was purchased.  Insurance was bought.  Materials were purchased to erect an arena.  Plans for a kennel were investigated.  Dogs were being rehabilitated and adopted.  Horses were trained and ready to start giving the awaiting public wonderful trail rides through the woods and $30,000.00 disappeared.

Then Genesis Animal Rescue struck.  You can read the rest of the story about this little event on our blog page.  To say the least it cost immeasurable amounts of time and money.  It also taught us a lesson that not all "good guys" are good people! 

Well Shannon and Debra started the whole grant writing adventure.  It took them about a year to realize that many grants were a myth.  That they were set up to help just one group of people and not the general public.  So it was apparent that salaries were not forth coming.  With the money from their savings gone and the initial money invested by Jane gone.  Making a living and continuing their non profit work became a quandry.

But even so the non profit continued to grow.  From the horse and dog rescue came the apparent need in therapy.  There is physical therapy and psychotherapy.  The first is becoming well know in its aid to handicapped individuals.  The second is not so well known and the one that we are interested in providing.  It helps at risk youth with such things as self esteem and responsibility.  It helps abused women and children to trust again and also gain self esteem.  Both of which are very important to the recovery of abuse victims. 

This program and all our other programs will be detailed on our about pages.  We at this point have several projects that are in the planning stages and several projects that are just waiting for funding.

 The sunset view of Halfway Home